Members of the Euless Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association assist and support the Fire Department and the City of Euless by doing tasks that the Firefighters would ordinarily handle. This allows the Fire Department to focus its efforts on rescuing people and keeping the community safe.

What do Volunteers do?

Volunteer opportunities abound! Here are just a few of the services that the Euless Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association provides. This civic group is always looking for new ways to serve the Euless Fire Department and its community.


Hosting a Steak Dinner for Euless citizens at a local fire station is the Euless Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association’s largest fundraising activity. A local restaurant provides the food, and volunteers plan and host this event. All proceeds benefit the Fire Department.

Other fundraisers include:

  • Bake Sales
  • Merchandise Sales

Event Support

When the City of Euless or the Fire Department sponsor events, such as Arbor Daze or Crud Day, Euless Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association members volunteer their time to host a booth, direct traffic or perform other supportive roles.


Keeping Firefighters hydrated and in good physical condition is essential, especially when they are fighting fires, rescuing citizens or participating in training activities. The Euless Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association has a REHAB unit that is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When needed, these volunteers respond with hydrating liquids, snacks and cooling fans in the hot weather months and with coffee and hot cocoa in the cold weather months.

Smoke Detector Blitz

Volunteers visit homes in the Euless community to make sure they have working smoke detectors. They help the Firefighters install new smoke detectors or replace dead batteries in existing smoke alarms.

Fire Prevention Week

For Fire Prevention Week, volunteers assist the Safety Troop Clowns’ presentations at Euless elementary schools and judge the children’s fire safety posters. The Safety Troop Clowns are Firefighters who teach children about fire safety.

Home-Cooked Meals

Since Firefighters can’t be home with their families, volunteers provide home-cooked meals to them on special occasions. The Thanksgiving meals, spaghetti dinners, ice cream sundaes, etc. are an opportunity for volunteers to show their support and to socialize with Firefighters.

Fire Station Tours

Euless Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association members assist with tours at Euless’ three fire stations.

CPR Classes

Volunteers teach free, life-saving CPR classes to Euless citizens.

Quick Connect Adaptors

Volunteers install Hydrastorz on fire hydrants. These are tamper-resistant connectors that allow Firefighters to quickly connect fire hoses to water hydrants.

Christmas Party

At the Christmas Party, Firefighters and members of the Euless Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association get the opportunity to socialize together. The volunteers, who plan and host the event, bring gifts for the Firefighters.

Christmas Parade of Lights

Volunteers build a parade float or decorate a Fire Engine for Euless’ Christmas Parade of Lights. The Euless Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association purchased a vintage Fire Truck that once restored, members plan to enter in the parade.

Border Bowl Football Game

Every year, the Euless Fire Department and the Bedford Fire Department compete against each other in the Border Bowl Football Game. Euless Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association members help collect new toys at the game, which benefit Cook Children’s Hospital.

“Fill the Boot” for MDA

During the annual “Fill the Boot” campaign for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, volunteers help collect donations in store fronts. They also answer the phone bank during MDA’s Labor Day Telethon.